Your Choices Matter

When you face tough times, how you handle them can make things better or much worse. This initiative is about empowering you to make the best choices possible.

Because I Choose My Future.

If we aren’t careful, some choices can lead to self-sabotage, often from alcohol or drug use. But no matter where you’re from or your circumstances in life, you can always choose a better path.

I Choose... MUSIC

I Choose... Sports

I Choose... Art

The Power of Options

I Choose ME is a growing social movement to motivate you toward a better life. It starts with knowing you have the power to choose better for yourself. Alcohol or drugs are never a good option to get you through tough times. Positive choices lead you to your best possible future, and we want to help guide you toward this path.

What’s Your Journey?

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Inspiring Positive Change & Unlocking Potential

I Choose ME is an initiative promoting positive choices as an alternative to substance misuse. Prevention is more than just saying “no” to drug and alcohol misuse. We want to provide the tools, facts, and inspiration that can help make informed decisions and lead a positive life.

The I Choose ME Prevention Initiative

The I Choose ME Prevention Initiative

I Choose ME is dedicated to improving lives. We want to help fix the painful mistake that leads so many youths and families to addiction, overdoses, drug poisoning, and overall sadness. Through inspiration and education, we want to encourage you to channel your energy into everything that shows how amazing you are.

Brevard Prevention Coalition is an ONDCP Drug-Free Communities Coalition. Brevard Prevention Coalition and the I Choose ME initiative are also sponsored in part by Central Florida Cares Health System, Inc. and the State of Florida, Department of Children and Families.